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Removing Red Wine From Carpet


how to remove red wine from carpet in Lake Crystal MN

Apply Carpet Protectant To Fight Against Wine Stains & Other Stubborn Carpet Stains In Your Home

This holiday season keep your carpet looking its best by protecting it from future spills. Get a carpet protectant applied to encase carpet fibers and act as a barrier against messes. Carpet protectant makes all the difference and saves carpet from severe damages. It also makes stains easier to remove because they are attached to the protectant casing and not the carpet fiber itself. If you haven’t had protectant applied to your carpet yet and have a wine spill to clean up, try the remedy below*- then be sure and schedule an appointment for a protectant package to protect your carpet from any future damage!

Removing Red Wine From Carpet

Red Wine: a nice pairing with your dinner, a terrible pairing with your formerly clean carpet. It may seem like hope is lost for your carpet, but if you act fast you can remove the red wine stain from your carpet. You will need a couple clean clothes, a vacuum, salt and club soda.

1. As with most stains, immediate action produces the best results. While the stain is wet begin by covering it heavily with table salt.

2. The salt crystals will absorb the wine and turn pink or reddish over time.

3. Leave on for a minimum of six hours. Many stains respond well to soaking overnight.

4. After leaving the salt to absorb the wine, vacuum it up.

5. Dampen a clean cloth with club soda and blot the stain gently. Do not rub or scrub.

6. Sprinkle once more with salt and let it dry.

7. Once the second round of salt is completely dry, vacuum the spot.

Keep in Mind

*Remember to treat stains carefully. Each stain is unique and sometimes it may not respond well to

treatment. Sometimes a quick fix can result in making the stain worse than it was to begin with. If you are worried about treating the stain yourself, call in the professional carpet cleaners who know the ins and outs of all types of stains.