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How To Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2019

Rock what you got and make your living room look even bigger! Using these simple and easy tricks you can transform your living room quickly. Check it out below:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

We aren’t talking a 60's throwback with a room of mirrors. Instead, try a tasteful large mirror above the sofa or fireplace. The reflection will give the illusion of an extended wall and a larger room.

mirror on wall in lake crystal homemirror on wall in lake crystal mn living room

Light and bright color schemes

Open up the room with light colored walls, even white! Purchase pant that has a high-gloss or semi-gloss instead of a flat matte finish.

light colored living room scheme how to to make your living room look bigger in lake crystal mn

Sofa styles matter

Stick with the light color scheme as you select furniture and choose pieces that have lifted legs from the floor. A sofa that has short legs or none at all cuts the room in half. Furniture that is lifted extends the room and makes it appear larger because you can see under and through the furniture.

how to make your living room look bigger with furniture with high legs in Lake crystal MNfurniture in lake crystal mn how to make your living room look bigger

Lights camera action!

Lighting changes the mood of a room almost instantly. If you have access to natural light- use it! Push back your curtains or install light colored sheer curtains to allow the light in through the window. If your room seems to be lacking in windows, consider investing in lamps or stunning light fixtures. Add a salt lamp to your shelves for a nice glow or place a large skinny lamp to the left of your sofa- or both!

lamps in living room in lake crystal mn

Cleanup cleanse

The less stuff in your living room, the bigger it looks. Go through your decor, magazines, and knick knacks until all you have left is the essentials. 

table top how to make your living room look bigger in lake crystal mnliving room shelf in lake crystal mn

Bring in the vacuum

It might sound silly, but a freshly vacuumed room looks bigger! Little things on your carpet break up the length of the floor. If you have a carpet stain, it could have the same effect. A quick call to Chem-Dry and you can have the carpet stain removed in no time. A clean carpet is sure to make a room look bigger, and not to mention, tidier too!

boy walking on carpet in Lake Crystal MN