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March 2, 2016 - What's Hiding in Your Upholstery

We sit down on our couches and chairs every day, but how frequently do we think of cleaning them? Dust and dirt contaminants reside on these surface areas, and get forced much deeper into the fibers, the longer we go without a proper clean. Most people don't even notice they are there since they are so tiny. This makes cleaning your upholstery extremely important to your, and your family's, wellness.

Body oils, and grease, from both humans and animals connect and keep hold of your couches. Body oils are easily transferred to the head cushions and armrests of the furniture and can cause significant harm to the protective finishes found on them.
Soils are virtually unavioidable. Soils consist of dirt tracked in from outside along with sand and fibers from plants, brought into the home by people and pets. So if going outside is a normal event for you and your family, chances are your couches are being seriously affected by numerous unique types of soils daily.
The inks from newspapers and dyes from denim can shift onto fabric in a process called dye transfer. Additionally, the risk of ink from a leaky pen or the ambitious toddler who loves to draw should not be forgotten.
Do not forget that your upholstery needs to be cleaned once a year, as a minimum! When you're ready to get a refreshing new perspective on your upholstery, make sure you call us!

September 2, 2015 - Bring Back the Beauty of Your Furniture

Does your furniture fall a little flat in comparison to the photograph above? No worries! We know, here at All American Chem-Dry by Rynearson, that your upholstery can go through a whole lot in it's lifetime. From food to paint to dirt, it just seems like upholstery is a magnet for unsightly stains and allergens. Due to these fibers, your furniture can be left looking lifeless and old over the years. Luckily All American Chem-Dry by Rynearson has easily affordable upholstery cleaning in your area!

Chem-Dry gives fabulous results while cleaning your upholstery. The most wanted gain that All American Chem-Dry by Rynearson provides you is that we work with safe products that don't leave behind any threatening residues. This is very important in upholstery cleaning, because these items come in contact with our skin continually.

If you've never had your upholstery cleaned expertly, now is the time to do it! Don't refuse a good upholstery cleaning for your trusty couches and other upholstery merchandise. The before and after of a clean by us is truly remarkable! We will bring back the beauty of your upholstery like never before.

Give All American Chem-Dry by Rynearson a call to experience these results in your home today!